Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vacation worth it??

I am laying here feeling like poopoo, my body feels like dead weight, every muscle aches, my nose is stuffy and my chest is congested. Wait, I have the flu!!! Or a really bad summer cold and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
I started feeling sick while on vacation. Thursday of last week I started with a sore throat then it just got worse....BUT, MY VACATION WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laying out in the sun, seeing the sights, eating the food :) drinking the rum and beer :)

My first morning there was kinda tough for me. Everyone got up and went on a 3 hour outing and I had to stay behind because my body just wouldn't allow me to move....that sucked!!!

OK I am tired and just want to lay here.....


  1. So glad the vacation was great for you!! Glad to have you back though. Rest...probably good for you. Hope you feel better tomorrow!!

  2. Sounds like the vacation was good. Just think about the sun and rum ... it'll get rid of your cold/flu.