Monday, July 9, 2012

Pet Peeve

ok i hijacked Lynn's blog again, but wanted to have a bit of fun with it this time around. I was reading an article on Pet Peeves and how they effect you, so here is the question for the 82 followers of this will require you all to do a comment on this post, please dont just hit and run, actually comment please for i think it will be interesting to see what everyone says.  Here is the deal Lynn has been struggling with stuff concerning her Fibro and I want to hear what everyone who reads this post biggest PET PEEEVE!!!!!! i mean what is your biggest one concerning the invisible disease, is it memory loss, is it how friends treat you, is it the lack of energy,,,,, please tell me your biggest pet peeve and then list a second one that has nothing to do with Fibro..........this is for spouse too who dont have the disease but lives with it to post also.
and i will start with my biggest on fibro is Lynn's memory loss, she wont remember something and she will get frustrated becuase she doesnt and i think this causes more issues with spouses then almost any other and has to rank in the top 3
peorsonal pet peeve would be to be lied to...

ok i know short post but we are still alive just dealing with the daily grind that is fibro, Lynn keeps wanting to post but draws a blank when its time to type,, so encourage her and comment on this post show her people are reading this and it matters..................



  1. I don't have Fibro but I will comment about Fibro from an outsider perspective. I wish there was something that I could do to help. Being on the outside, it's difficult to know what to do.
    My other pet peeve- Complaining. We have so much to be thankful for and grateful for. We have a roof over our head, we have food in the pantry and cars to drive and few $$ in the bank. We are so richly blessed.
    Encouragement- BLOG!!!! Even if it is just one line. Write!!!!! It's an outlet!!!! Just let it rip!!!!!!!
    Have a GREAT!!!! DAY!!!!!

  2. Pet peeve, being told to get over it, work through it, or just plain deal with it, deal with this ( elegantly pointed middle finger!) Other is the poorly vented stores, ughhh I sweat like a farm worker sooooo not attractive!!!

  3. I am dealing with multiple chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis, depression) and my kids (15, 21, 22) will let the garbage pile up,the floors get dirty, the appliances get broken and forget to tell me that we have run out of something. I fantasize about renting my big house and living by myself, but don't have the energy to carry out my plans.

  4. My pet peeve is the same as Anonymous. I have Fibro, CFS and Severe Depression and my kids behave like I am their slave, won't lift a finger around the house unless I have a breakdown and they they tend to look at me with that face "What's wrong with her?"

    Their pet peeve is probably my "whining and complaining".

  5. I'm not sure what my greatest pet peeve is. I think it likely fluctuates with my fustrations. More than likely it is the freaking brain damage. I have comorbid chronic migraines and with both combined frankly I'm amazed I remember my name most days. It can be insanely fustrating to try and function through a broken brain. It is like thinking through sludge and then having to constantly edit yourself and then correct yourself and then wonder where the hell you put your keys and why were you looking for them in the first place anyway?

    Non FM related pet peeve? Er... I don't like people who lick their feet.

  6. I came across your blog trying to see if I could get more info on Fibro. I was diagnosed a few years ago by a specialist. It has been awhile since I've searched for new info. I love your blog,it's nice to feel like you have someone to relate to. Your life story seems so much like mine. Sounds like our husbands can relate to each other also. I hope you will continue. I know what you mean about trying to get other people to understand, they think because you look fine that you are fine. They dont understand when they see you in a motorized scooter at the grocery store.