Tuesday, October 26, 2010

nothing to show for it????

Nothing like going to the doctors office and spending $70.00 and having nothing tp show for it. Well it really wasn't a doctors office. It is a place called Integrative Therapy and it is a place that my new pain doctor recommended I go to. Well, my new pain doctor must think my husband and I have a money tree growing in our back yard. This place does not accept my insurance. My insurance will pay 60% but only after I pay my $3000.00 deductable. My consult/evaluation was $70.00 yesterday. But "normally" they charge $100.00 but because my insurance doesn't cover it they will give me a discount. How nice!!!! They offer massage therapy, acupuncture, bio feedback, physical therapy and much more....I really would love to do it but........they want me to come 2 times a week for 2 months and that equals $1120.00. Now that doesn't include any tests. Then I would go once a week the next month. O I forgot to say this is a 3 month program....they specialize in fibro.
I forgot they have a nutrition program too.

My question is....why does everything with fibro have to be so freakin expensive????? My poor husband, I feel like every time we are turning around it is to spend money on my fibro.

I went to a new doctor 2 weeks ago....I am still not sure about him?????
It is very hard to get ahold of them to ask a question. He put me on a new muscle relaxer and it seems to be helping a bit only 1 really big problem and 1 smaller problem. It makes my mouth as dry as the Sahara desert and a rash on my neck. What really sucks here is that my lovely insurance company had their say in my meds. My doctor prescribed a different med first for me, which I really really liked. It was 1 pill that worked 24 hours!!! But because it was expensive and did not come with a generic they would not pay for it. They would however pay for the one I am on now that is working just ok and gives me major cotton mouth. It is also 3 pills a day, just what I wanted....MORE PILLS!!! I cannot continue taking this one....;(

By the way after my eating binge last week I am happy to say.....I am back on track. As of this morning I am 7 pounds away from what I weighed when I started dating Jim.

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