Thursday, October 21, 2010

Driving Home

I wrote this last Thursday but forgot to post it, so here it is....

Well I drove home from the beach today by myself and it was a looong trip home!!! I think and I feel like I gained 10 pounds because all I did was eat to stay awake. I ate grapes, circus peanuts, boiled peanuts and pretzels and a mini Dairy Queen Blizzard!!! (it was only a 4 hour drive) I even drank 1/4 of a cherry pepsi and I NEVER drink soda!! I did drink 2 bottles of water though. Now keep in mind I also have pms!!!
OK so now I have grossed you out with what I ate on my drive home let me really gross you out with what I ate on Tuesday and part of Wednesday...a ton of candy and 3/4 of a cream cheese cheese cake!!! Yes, I said...3/4 of a cream cheese cheese cake!!

Don't really know why I posted this but I did...:)

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