Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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  1. I was on Facebook and decided to look at my blog and I landed on yours. I hope you get this note. I know your original note is from a year ago.
    But I had to write you and tell you I understand every thing you wrote. It's like you were writing about me. I too have fibromyalgia and it's so hard to keep going. The pain is overwhelming 24/7/365 daily.
    Fibromyalgia creeped up on me in my 30's. And it was full blown 11 years ago when I had to take a leave of absence from work; the pain was screaming at me. I lost my career my life as I knew it and struggled and struggled to bounce back one more time.
    I used to love to go places and do things daily. I would take weekend trips to the Rocky Mountians to go hiking, biking, canoeing with friends. I can go back with my memories, I loved pushing myself physically, breaking a sweat, working on my cardio, free weight training, circuit training, streching, eating healthy and feeling good daily. That was the old me.
    I'm still fighting and accepting my illnesses. After I went off work, I was in 2 car accidents. Which has added Post Concussion Syndrom.
    I am alone now and I struggle with making appointments, dates, whatever... commitments, I hate cancelling or being a no show.
    I hope you have found peace with Fibro and your family and friends too.
    God Bless!