Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Energizer bunny

Energizer bunny

                How many of us used to have toys when we were kids that ran off of batteries, do you remember when energizers first came to market? I was ecstatic they would just keep going and going and going, the commercial said so, I begged my parents for those batteries so I could drive my remote control car for more then 5 minutes at a time with out having to recharge them or replace them.  Well now I am an adult and I wish they could make some type of batteries to keep my wife from being so fatigued.  I mean she is just like the old toy, we will be talking and all of a sudden I see her eyes start to drop, she fights it and then the speech becomes slow, then the words become slurred. I usually reach over and turn the switch off on her (tell her I love her and that she needs to close her eyes and sleep for a bit) after about 20 minutes her eyes pop open and where ever she was in the conversation she is right back at it never skipping a beat until the charge wears off again. Wonder is they should take fatigue out of CFS and replace it with the word energy.  It’s a learning process to be able to have a deep conversation and be in the middle of making a point to have to turn the egg timer and wait for the recharge, but it’s worth it, no need to get upset or frustrated as even a person in great health needs to recharge the batteries from time to time.  All we can do is hope that one day the energizer bunny will figure out a way to help with energy for all the sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.


  1. It's wild.........I do the same thing. I actually thought it was narcolepsy or something. I'll fall asleep quickly but staying asleep is something else. If you ever find those batteries, let me know!!

  2. Jim, Lynn's 'dropping out' does not sound to me like 'Fibro fatigue'.
    I know she's had about every test that modern medicine can provide, but Fibro doesn't make someone 'suddenly' fatigued. We are tired and fatigued all the time.
    Sometimes, we have a rough time with staying alert and focused, because our minds are wandering and we are inwardly fighting the pain and exhaustion we constantly feel, but sudden 'dozes' are not usually a true symptom of Fibro.
    I would like to have a chance to observe one of these episodes, and I might feel better about guessing at what's happening, but your description of these episodes almost classically describes Jacksonian Epilepsy.
    I don't recall how long it's been sinse Lynn has had a brain scan or MRI, but I'd suggest another one.
    Has she (or you) discussed this with her doctor?
    She drives a car, so this could be very important to address right away. Her health is important to have treated, and it might make a big difference in her capability and your time with her.
    Lynn is a sweet, vital lady, and I, too, am saddened by seeing such a vibrant, lively, funny, lovely lady suffer with a devastating disease that has no cure and little social acceptance. You are a wonder of a great man to be so patient and loving when you've found yourself in a situation with her that you couldn't predict and that is so invasive to your relationship.
    Your care and patience should be seen as the true nature of your steadfast Christian character.
    So many men don't hang around long enough to observe as much decline in their wives as you have, let alone provide the care and comfort that you give to Lynn. You're a true saint.
    I pray for Lynn every day, and I also pray that God will continue to keep you strong, as Lynn draws so heavily on the strength that you give to her.
    I hope that the energizer bunny keeps on playing your song. Do you know what happens if you put the batteries in backward?
    Hugs, Claire