Thursday, June 2, 2011


ok why is this titled 60 followers, well i will get to that in a few minutes. I am Lynns husband writting this post today as its been awhile and things here are in full flare. Lynn has been layed up for the last 4 weeks where she has energy for about 2.3 hours a day and then crash.......

so i will let her post as she said she was going to today but once again she fell asleep or hurts to much to type but i promise you all i will get on her about writting a post in the next few days and continue to encourage her to post daily or bi-daily. but i need all of your help if you are following drop a not here and there.

so back to 60 followers i have an idea for the followers, as i assume either you have fibro or you are a spouse of a fibro fighter. so here is my pipe dream,,day dream, my just thought of something that would be some fun for all of us. What about we get people to respond to this post if you are interested in me finding a 3 day cruise for the followers and the follwers friends with fibro to go on out of miami to the carribean sometime between september and feb ,, you know the winter months. a simple a 3 day cruise, they have deals all the time. We will call it the fibro cruise, a cruise short enough that it wont kill all of us and a cruise where us spouse can meet and talk, and all of you who have fibro can meet and talk. is it just my pipe dream for a large gathering of fibro fighters to get together and actually share and meet face to face. a time for us spouses to be able to say yes it is tough to be the spouse, a chance where we could dance, we could sit by the pool, we can enjoy a beach or two, if it gets large enough maybe we could even get media recognition where we can maybe light a fire to get someone saying wow they are all together and talking we better get are act together and work harder to find a cure becuase they are becoming orginized. and if that doesnt happen at least we can finally meet people who truely understand us and what we all deal with

so here is your homeowrk, respond to this post and say yes im in for that, i maybe, or no i have no interest in it. if you have other ideas please let me know. As i would hate for Lynn and myself to show for the cruise and it only be us not that we wouldnt have a grand time but it wouldnt be a FIBRO CRUISE,, lets fill a boat........


  1. Hi sweetie!! I'd love to do it! I NEED to get away and if the deal is good I will try to swing it!!!! I'd love to meet you guys!!! I miss reading Lynn's posts but I know how the energy thing is. Then you kind of get blah and run out of things to say. I know......been doing the same thing!!

    We've been threatening to do this......and I love it!!

    Hugs to Lynn!!

  2. Great idea, but I live in Australia, anyhow hve you heard of Fibro Bloggers Directory?

  3. I would love to go and meet others who are like me..more information and maybe we can get a plan going!


  4. Dear Lynn and loving husband, please know that you are in my prayers. We will be here when you feel better (soon, we hope.)

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  6. Hi, I just began following and this is my first comment. I have Fibro, diagnosed almost 3 yrs ago - Finally!!! I understand about the energy drain and have finally come thru literally Months of that cycle. Never know how long the energy will last lol...
    A cruise sounds wonderful. For me is one huge problem...Finances. I have none. I make it month to month. Nothing left over. Lovely idea tho:)

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